Social leader killed in Magdalena, third victim in 24 hours

Justice For Colombia News | on: Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Last Friday 15 December, in Las Canoas in the department of Magdalena, peasant farmer and rural activist José Rafael de la Hoz Villa was murdered by a group of men as he returned home from a meeting of conflict victims that he helped coordinate. According to reports, José was attacked with machetes.

The murder was the third killing of a social leader in Colombia in less than 24 hours. Also killed were Alexander Padilla Cruz in Córdoba and Marcial Castillo in Cauca.

The violence did not end with José's murder. Colombian media reports that a large group of local residents intercepted the alleged killer, who died from injuries sustained in the encounter. Such events typically occur in regions where there is weak state presence, distrust in the authorities and high insecurity, causing local communities to administer justice themselves.

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