Social leaders demand security and land restitution in violent regions

Justice For Colombia News | on: Monday, 18 December 2017

A group of 25 social leaders and family members of murder victims travelled to Bogota from their home regions in Bajo Atrato (Chocó) and Urabá (Antioquia) to demand security guarantees for their communities, which are among the worst-affected by political violence in the country.

The group accused business interests of being behind attacks on social leaders and political activists and of displacing communities from their homes. Two regional social leaders, Hernán Bedoya and Mario Castaño, were recently killed within ten days of one another.

According to the group, paramilitaries operate openly and freely in the region, despite the presence of state security forces. They also demanded meetings with the Colombian government and assurances over their security and land restitution for displacement victims.

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