Report finds increase in aggression towards human rights activists in Antioquia

Justice For Colombia News | on: Friday, 15 December 2017

A new report has found that aggressions towards human rights defenders in Antioquia has increased this year, with around 250 aggressive acts committed against them so far in 2017.

The report by the Nodo Antioquia coordination body, which includes researchers from Colombia, the United States and the European Union, found that the increase in aggression was made worse by state security forces' lack of protection for human rights defenders and social leaders.

Of the 248 aggressive acts identified, 40 per cent were conducted by police or military personnnel and another 26 per cent by paramilitaries. The total included 79 threats, 71 injuries, 29 arbitrary arrests and 19 murders in Antioquia, one of the regions most affected by paramilitary and state violence during Colombia's long-running armed conflict. Extorsion and forced displacement have also affected civilian populations.

The full report (in Spanish) is available for download here.

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