Death threats against human rights lawyer Daniel Prado

Justice For Colombia News | on: Monday, 6 November 2017

The human rights lawyer Daniel Prado has received death threats, seemingly related to his work representing victims of paramilitary group The Twelve Apostles.

Last week, he received a letter which said 'We are going to kill you, son of a bitch'. This follows other instances of attempted intimidation against Prado, including people following him and harassing him on motorbikes.

The Twelve Apostles case has attracted high media attention due to one of the defendants being the brother of former president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe. The group operated in northern Antioquia in the 1990s and killed dozens of political activists and social 'undesirables' such as homeless people and drug users. According to reports, its operational headquarters was based on Uribe's farm and involved businessmen, politicians and even members of the church.

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