Police kill indigenous woman journalist in Cauca

Justice For Colombia News | on: Monday, 9 October 2017

On 8 October, Colombia's ESMAD riot police killed 37-year-old radio journalist Efigenia Vásquez Astudillo, who belonged to the indigenous Embera community of Kokonuco in the department of Cuca, southern Colombia. Efigenia worked at local station Renacer Kokonuko. Also injured were Jhon Yace and a number of other residents.

The killing reportedly occurred following confrontation between local residents and ESMAD over Embera territorial claims over land situated within Aguas Tibias, one of Cauca's most popular tourist zones. The owners of Aguas Tibias and regional authorities have been involved in an ongoing dispute with the local indigenous population since early 2017.

According to witnesses, Efigenia Vásquez was shot by ESMAD troops and died in hospital shortly afterwards.

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