Trade union leader and former political prisoner Huber Ballesteros receives another death threat

Justice For Colombia News | on: Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Colombian trade unionist and former political prisoner Huber Ballesteros, who visited Britain in September 2017 with Justice for Colombia to speak at the TUC National Congress, has received another death threat. It is the latest in a campaign of intimidation which has forced his family members to leave Colombia.

Also threatened was human rights worker MayerliHurtado Motta, Huber's partner and a member of the Federation of University Students of Colombia and political organisation the Patriotic March.The threat, on 22 September 2017, was received via a WhatsApp message which warned that 'soon your worlds will end'. Since April 2017, Huber, Mayerli and Huber's daughter Victoria Andrea Ballesteros Sanchez have received eleven death threats.

Huber Ballesteros is a political activist and member of the executive committee of the Colombian Trades Union Congress (CUT). He is also Vice President of FENSUAGRO, Colombia's largest agricultural trade union and National Organiser of the Patriotic March.

In 2013, shortly before he was due to speak at the TUC conference in Britain, he was arrested and imprisoned without charge. After three and a half years in prison, he was released following a major campaign by Justice for Colombia and the British and Irish trade union movements.

He spoke at this year's TUC National Congress where he described the current political situation in Colombia and met with representatives of several trade unions and with Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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