Community activist remains imprisoned after accusations of guerrilla affiliations

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Article by Nicholas Hourigan.

‘I am not a guerrilla fighter, I simply fight by and for my community’ – Milena Quiroz

Milena Quiroz, a community activist from the town of Arenal, was arrested on the 22 March 2017 on accusations of being affiliated with the National Liberation Army (ELN), along with 12 other workers.

A cooperative worker, Quiroz remains under house arrest for alleged collaboration with the ELN, a paramilitary group with a significant presence in the region.

Lawyers representing Quiroz hope that her case, which has already been plagued by irregularities, is closed soon. They highlight that the evidence against Quiroz holds no validity, and the public prosecutor that opened the case is currently in prison on charges of corruption.

Despite 5 months in prison, Quiroz’s community spirit remains resolute. She states, ‘My weapons are my notebook and pen. They won’t find more than that. Although the damage that they have done is irreparable, I feel the support of my community through which I will continue to fight.’

Efforts continue in the fight for Milena Quiroz’s release.

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