Final year of Santos government will seek to ratify remaining peace legislation

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 25 July 2017

With the government coalition at its weakest ever point and with ten members of Congress currently named as potential presidential candidates the final year of the Santos presidency and the passing of the remaining laws relating to the peace agreement will have anything but an easy ride.

Of particular importance are seven pieces of legislation yet to be ratified. These laws are related to the creation of the transitional justice court system (known as the JEP); political reforms for the participation of the FARCs new political party; new forest reserve laws; guarantees for greater political participation from civil society organisations; rural reforms; legalisation of land titles; and the implementation of alternative sentences for coca and other illegal crop growers. All of these laws still to be passed are fundamental parts of the peace agreement and there is considerable urgency for their passing before the end of this government. However, although the governing coalition commands a majority in Congress, as moves are made towards the 2018 elections there is concern as to whether it will maintain the cohesion necessary to see the laws through.

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