ICTU passes motion on Colombian peace process and delays in implementation

Justice For Colombia News | on: Friday, 7 July 2017

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) congratulates the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP for the historic peace agreement and recent advances in the peace process. It welcomes the announcement from the UN that they have received all individual arms from the FARC-EP.

ICTU celebrates the release of trade union leader Huber Ballesteros from prison and congratulates Justice for Colombia (JFC) for its campaign for his freedom.

ICTU is, however, concerned by the lack of progress in implementing several areas of the peace agreement,specifically the lack of release of almost2000 FARC prisoners and other political prisoners. It is particularly concerned to hear that over 1400 FARC prisoners have been on hunger strike in protest at this situation, today reaching their 11th day.

ICTU is alarmed at the spike in political violence by the right-wing paramilitaries, the killing of more than 50 civil society activists, including trade unionists so far in 2017, as well as the killing of 4 FARC members and 9 of their relatives and is concerned at the lack of progress to implement measures to dismantle the right-wing paramilitary groups.

ICTU congratulates JFC on its successful work, particularly the ground-breaking peace campaign to build international support for the peace process.


- Calls on the Colombian Government to fulfil its obligations under the peace agreement and ensure that the amnesty law is fully implemented and the measures to dismantle the right-wing paramilitaries are implemented.

- Agrees to continue to support JFC politically and financially and calls on its member unions and their branches to affiliate to JFC.

- Agrees to continue to support the CUT, Patriotic March and other organisations in their campaign for peace and social justice.

- Calls on the Irish and UK Governments to continue to support the peace agreement implementation and to highlight the threats against civil society.

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