David Ravelo released from prison after seven years!

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 22 June 2017

With the decision for his case to be reviewed in the transitional justice courts which will be set up as part of the peace process, the human rights defender David Ravelo has finally been released from prison. Since his unjust imprisonment in September 2010 Justice for Colombia has formed part of an international campaign demanding his release.

David Ravelo is a human rights defender from the Magdalena Medio region who worked closely with the oil workers’ union USO. For many years he spoke out against the actions of paramilitaries in the area only for an ex-paramilitary to accuse him of being involved in a murder for which he was sentenced to 18 years prison time. The ex-paramilitary witness was later detained himself for providing false testimonies but in spite of this the appeals for David’s release fell on deaf ears in the Colombian institutions.

His case will now be heard in the so called JEP, the transitional justice courts, which as well as reviewing crimes committed by armed actors, will consider cases of those who were detained unjustly.

Welcome home David!

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