More threats sent to Huber Ballesteros and his family

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 22 June 2017

Huber Ballesteros and his family have once again received death threats. This is the sixth and seventh time he has been threatened since he was released from prison.

On 20 June Mayerli Hurtado Motta, a member of the Patriotic March and Huber's partner, received a Facebook message with the image of dead women's body and a text stating: "Let's see if Ballesteros will still want to continue with his pacifist guerrillero ideas when he finds your body like this".

The same day Huber's daughter, Victoria Andrea Ballesteros Sanchez, received a message with the same image and a text saying: "It's not your fault but your father doesn't understand that we're giving you all time to leave".

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