FARC to begin final stage of disarmament

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 20 June 2017

On the 20 June 2017 the FARC-EP will begin the final stage of the disarmament process as it lays down the final 40% of its weapons. The process will last one week and then the FARC-EP will be ready to formalise the creation of their political party.

In spite of the historic nature of the laying down of arms, much of Colombian society continues to be apathetic towards the peace process. Meanwhile the extreme right, led by Alvaro Uribe continue to pour scorn on the advances claiming that the FARC can never be trusted.

In spite of the apathy and those actively against the peace process, many who have campaigned for years for peace have celebrated this latest advance recalling that this is another step in the ending of an armed conflict that has lasted over 50 years. It has also demonstrated the FARC’s total commitment to the peace process.

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