Trade union activist who visited the UK receives new threats

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The trade union activist, Gustavo Rengifo, who visited the UK to speak about human rights abuses in Colombia in April 2016, has recently received more threats.

On 5th June Gustavo was travelling with his security detail in Northern Cauca when they were stopped at a military checkpoint. The soldiers informed them that another vehicle had been following them, falsely claiming to be part of Gustavo's security detail.

On 27th April Gustavo's daughter, Nicol Andrea Rengifo, was followed by a man on a motorbike who attempted to grab her arm and force her on to the bike. She managed to escape, fleeing back to her home.

Gustavo is a member of FENSUAGRO, the agricultural workers’ union, and the Patriotic March. He is also a member of a local peasant farmer association in his village and a community leader. On his visit to the UK in 2016, hosted by Justice for Colombia, Gustavo met with MPs, trade union leaders and the British government.

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