30% of FARC arms delivered to UN monitors

News from Colombia | on: Friday, 9 June 2017

The implementation of the peace agreement continues, as the FARC announce that 30% of their arms are now in the hands of the UN monitors overseeing the peace process.

The laying down of arms process will be down in three stages, with the next 30% on 14 June and the remaining 40% on 20 June. The weapons will be stored by the UN in containers in 26 zones throughout Colombia and then certified.

According to the revised schedule (the deadline was extended from the original date of 30 May) the FARC will have completed the laying down of arms process and the transition to legality by 20 June. The transitional zones where the FARC are currently based will then be converted into areas of qualification and reincorporation to prepare FARC members for their reincorporation into civilian life.

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