More death threats sent to Huber Ballesteros and his family

News from Colombia | on: Friday, 9 June 2017

Huber Ballesteros, the trade union leader, has received more death threats. On Wednesday 7 June he and his daughter were sent a message via facebook from the paramilitary organisation the AUC declaring that they were military targets. Commenting on Huber and his daughter's facebook pages, the threat warned that Huber should "return to jail" and threatened them with death for their "socialist ideals".

This is the third time Huber and his family have received death threats since he was released from prison in January, after he had been held in prison for nearly three and a half years on false charges. Huber Ballesteros is the National Secretary of the agricultural workers' union Fensuagro, an Executive Committee member of the Colombian TUC, and National Organiser for The Patriotic March. It is urgent that he and his family receive adequate protection measures.

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