Huber Ballesteros sent more death threats

News from Colombia | on: Friday, 12 May 2017

There is continued concern for the safety of Huber Ballesteros after he received a series of death threats this week.

On Tuesday 9th May Huber received a message from a Facebook account horrifically threatening sexual violence against his partner and to chop up his daughter. Later that day he received a further message, an image of the paramilitary organisation A.U.C declaring Huber Ballesteros a "military target" and issuing a death threat against those it claims are promoting "Castro Chavista" ideals. Huber had received the same message on 16th April.

Following this, from the same Facebook account he received a message saying that "his house is nice". On Monday 8th May, one of the inhabitants of where Huber stays in the city of Popayán came home to find the front door and a window open, and that unknown people had entered the apartment without stealing anything.

Huber Ballestero is the National Secretary of Fensuagro, an Executive Committee member of the Colombian TUC, and National Organiser for The Patriotic March. He was released from prison in January this year after being held for nearly three and a half years on false charges.

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