Non-stop threats against the FARC

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 4 May 2017

After the killing of two members of the FARC and six of their relatives in April, threats and assassinations against the FARC are not ceasing.

Guillermo Ilamo Largo, whose daughter is a FARC member, was stabbed by an unknown man on 28th April when he was returning home from work. At the moment, he is in a clinic in the city of Cali recovering from his wounds, which have affected one of his lungs.

Ever Criollo, who is the father of a FARC member currently in the demobilization zone in Marquetalia, was killed on 30th April. Ever had been displaced from his farm by paramilitaries and the army in 2012 in Tolima department just because he was linked to the FARC.

To achieve peace in Colombia the threats, persecutions and crimes against the members of the FARC and their relatives need to stop. The FARC have stated that the deaths will not remain in impunity, they reaffirm that despite these attacks they are “committed to peace and keeping our word”.

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