FARC member assassinated

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 20 April 2017

A FARC member has been assassinated in Colombia. Luis Alberto Ortiz was shot dead on 16th April in his home in the municipality of Tumaco, south-west Colombia.

He had been released from prison only two weeks before after being pardoned under the amnesty law for FARC members.

The FARC have denounced the killing, expressing their concern about security for FARC members in the midst of the implementation of the peace agreements. It is reported that Luis Alberto was killed by the leader of a paramilitary group in the region, alias "Renol".

The Verification Mechanism of the implementation of the peace agreement is investigating amidst huge fears for the safety of FARC members in a country with continued paramilitary presence. The FARC called on the Colombian government to fulfil the agreements set out in the peace accords relating to security guarantees.

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