FARC hold press conference expressing concerns about inadequate living conditions

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 21 March 2017

At a press conference held earlier this month, the FARC presented their report on the state of the special transitory zones in which they are now concentrated. They rebuffed government claims that the guerrillas are to blame for delays in ensuring the sites had the necessary infrastructure. The FARC reported that the government has failed to meet commitments for between 77% and 99% of the different agreed points.

On the 20 February, when the last guerrilla contingent arrived to the zones, none of the 26 zones had the necessary infrastructure in place for the guerrillas to live in dignified conditions. This was in spite of the fact that agreements had clearly stated that the government should be responsible making these provisions.

The FARC also claim that the transport arrangements for members of the FARC moved to the zones was also wholly inadequate: poor planning, rudimentary means of transport, lack of provision of meals and a failure to allow time to rest during trips several days in length were reported.

According to the FARC, in 11 of the 26 zones absolutely nothing had been implemented.

The government is also responsible for the provision of clothing for adults, babies and children, and the provision of personal hygiene kits, blankets and mattresses that should be assigned to each guerrilla upon their arrival to the zones, but these provisions had not been met in 94% of the zones.

Other issues referred to at the press conference included the flight of aircraft over two of the zones, reports of an intelligence officer having infiltrated workshops on the peace process, and accounts of military units encouraging guerillas to leave the zones in violation of the peace agreement.

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