Member of peasant organisation survives attempted assasination

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Esneider Gonzalez, a member of a local peasant organisation affiliated to the national agricultural workers’ union, FENSUAGRO, survived after he was shot at seven times.

The family home of Esneider where he lived with his partner and his children had been being closely watched by unknown men for several days.

After answering the door to his neighbour, with his family inside the house, unknown men on a motorbike opened fire. Three of the bullets hit Esneider but he was able to scramble inside the house and close the door.

Esneider is a member of the local peasant organisation ASTRAZONAC which is affiliated to FENSUAGRO. He is a recognised human rights activist in the region and had been recently carrying out workshops to inform the local community about the peace process.

This year three members of the local organisation have been killed: Victor Andres Florez on 26/03/2016, Evaristo Dagua Troches on 29/07/2016 and Cecilia Culcue de Noscue on 06/09/2016.

FENSUAGRO is the sister union of the British union Unite in Colombia.

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