Humanitarian refuge set-up in northern Colombia

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 30 June 2016

In northern Colombia a group of peasant farmers have created a humanitarian refuge in the municipality of El Bagre in response to the ongoing paramilitary violence. The paramilitary group Clan Usaga which has presence in roughly a quarter of all Colombian municipalities has been held responsible for a recent spike in violence in the region. The refuge is being coordinated by the local peasant organisation AHERAMIGUA with the support of the Patriotic March.

The refuge was set-up with more than 200 peasant farmers on the 27th June after a large gathering of more than 1,500 peasants in the nearby town.

Already the initiative has received indirect threats: a friend of one of the leaders of AHERAMIGUA was approached by an unknown man who was demanding information about the refuge whilst a twitter post suggested the peasants had been forced to attend the refuge.

Justice for Colombia is alert to the ongoing situation and will be working to support the peasants in this struggle.

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