Death threat sent to prominent opponents of the Colombian government

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 3 February 2014

Here is the translated text of a death threat sent to prominent Colombian politicians and activists:


Attention to all the regional, departmental and municipal cells:

We have now been given the explicit and definitive order to kill the candidates for the Patriotic Union (UP) for Senate and House of Representatives, who today are campaigning and especially for the heads of Aida Abella, Omer Calderon, Carlos Lozano and Jaime Caicedo. For them first, whichever soldiers from the cell that kills them will receive a reward of up to 50,000,000 pesos (£15,000).

For those from the Patriotic March who are mobilising peasants to go on strikes which impede the good functioning of the government; they are Piedad Cordoba, David Florez, Andres Gil, Carlos Lozano, Carlos Garcia, Nidia Quintero, Luis Betancur, Eberto Diaz, Javier Cuadro and all the departmental, regional leaders, the reward is 10,000,000 pesos (£3000) for national leaders and 35,000000 (£10,500) pesos for departmental leaders.

For those of the so-called national platform MIA (note: this is the negotiating body of the August 2013 strikes) they are a front of the Patriotic March, we are going for the following people:

Oscar Salazar, Yuli Alsueta, Olga Quintero, Andres Gil, Luis Betancur, Carlos Jarcia, Mauricio Ramos, Rigoberto Jimenez, Luz Perly, for these heads there is a reward of 50,000,000 pesos (£15,000) and for all the regional leaders of this organisations which are fronts for the FARC, there is a reward of between 20,000,000 (£6000) and 35,000,000 (£10,500).

The order has been given to begin ‘Plan Pistol’, we have been told that some of them are travelling without state protection schemes and we have been given the details of their daily itineraries, well we hope to have the best results in the first semester of 2014. They should leave the country or we will finish them.


Urban Cell, Los Rastrojos (note: paramilitary group)

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