Government and FARC release first joint summary of peace talks

News from Colombia | on: Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Colombian Government and the FARC released their first joint summary of the peace talks after the finalisation of the 10th round of talks. The document explains the work that has been carried out by the two negotiating teams since talks officially began last November and it offers further read more

Robert Flello, Ministro de Justicia de Sombra Entregando Carta 50 Parlamentarios Rechazan Entregar Ayuda Militar a Colombia Durante Visita del Ministro Pinzon

Justice For Colombia News | on: Thursday, 27 June 2013

Un grupo de 50 parlamentarios británicos hoy le entregaron una carta al Ministro de Defensa británico, Philip Hammond mientras recibía al Ministro de Defensa Juan Carlos Pinzón quien visitó a Londres como parte de su gira de Europa para firmar acuerdos de cooperación en temas de seguridad. En la carta, read more

British, Irish, US and Canadian Unions Condemn Killings in Letter to President Santos

Justice For Colombia News | on: Thursday, 27 June 2013

Workers Uniting, the international organisation of UNITE theUnion in Britain and Ireland and the United Steelworkers in the US and Canada, which together represents around 3 million workers, today sent a letter to President Santos condemning the recent killings of trade unionists, shot dead by the army and police during read more

Rob Flello MP, Vice Chair of Parliamentary Friends of Colombia with Letter 50 cross party MPs say no to military aid as UK defence secretary welcomes Colombian defence ministe

Justice For Colombia News | on: Thursday, 27 June 2013

A group of 50 cross-party MP’ today handed in a letter calling for no military aid to be given to Colombia to UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond as he welcomed the country’s Defence Minister, Juan Carlos Pinzón, to London. The visit is part of a European tour by the Minister read more

Peasant farmers protesting in Catatumbo have been shot at by government forces Two more protesters killed by government forces as peasant protest grows

News from Colombia | on: Wednesday, 26 June 2013

On Tuesday morning two more peasant farmers were killed after government forces opened fire on unarmed protesters. On Saturday two protesters were shot dead by the army as they tried to block a local airport. Protests in the northeastern region of Catatumbo started more than two weeks ago after read more

Mensaje de Solidaridad con Campesinos del Catatumbo

Justice For Colombia News | on: Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Justice for Colombia, la ONG británica apoyada por el movimiento sindical británico e irlandés, representando más de 6 millones de trabajadores y con el apoyo de más de 80 parlamentarios del Parlamento británico envía un mensaje de solidaridad a los campesinos y campesinas del Catatumbo en su lucha por una read more

Peasant Farmers Protesting in Catatumbo Army kills two protesters as peasant protests continue in Catatumbo

News from Colombia | on: Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Colombian Army has reportedly killed two protesters and injured a further six more with live bullets in response to peasant farmer protests that have brought the Catatumbo region, in Northeastern Colombia, to a standstill. The Colombian Army are reported to have fired live rounds at protesters as they occupied read more

Paramilitary threats against oil workers union intensifies

News from Colombia | on: Thursday, 13 June 2013

The USO oil workers union has received another written death threat from the paramilitary group los Urabeños. The latest threat follows a series of attacks against members of the union in recent weeks. Of particular concern for the union is the lack of any response from the read more

Another case of Army killing civilian and presenting him as a guerrilla

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 10 June 2013

A seventeen year old boy has been killed by Army troops before being falsely referred to as a guerrilla killed in combat. The Colombian Army has been responsible for killing more than 5,000 civilians in this way in a practice that is known in Colombia as ‘false-positives’. This latest killing read more

Deaths threats made against members of victims organisation

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 10 June 2013

After another assassination plan came to light earlier this week, the National Movement for Victims of State Crimes (MOVICE) has spoken out about the stream of threats and attacks carried out against its members. As an organisation that fights against impunity and highlights the paramilitary presence in political, economic and read more

Arbitrary arrests of members of Patriotic March

News from Colombia | on: Monday, 10 June 2013

Members of the Colombian army have illegally detained more than twenty peasant farmers over the last few days in regions across Colombia. Male and female peasants were detained in Cundinamarca, Tolima, Huila, Meta, Putumayo and Caquetá. This is believed to form part of a deliberate strategy aiming read more

Thirteen people arbitrarily arrested including a local Mayor

News from Colombia | on: Friday, 7 June 2013

In the town of Uribe in central Colombia thirteen people were arrested on Sunday in a military raid which local human rights groups have complained is based on false charges aimed at discrediting the community. All those arrested have been accused of “rebellion”, a common accusation made against poor farmers read more

Another victim in the search for justice in rural Colombia

News from Colombia | on: Friday, 7 June 2013

In what is a stark reminder of the difficult reality of achieving peace in rural Colombia, another person has been killed as a result of attempts to reclaim stolen land. More than 71 land leaders were killed between 2006 and 2011. At least five have been killed so far read more

The Guardian publishes article on JFC initiative

Justice For Colombia News | on: Monday, 3 June 2013

The Guardian has published an article reporting on a JFC initiative to take a delegation of Northern Ireland cross-party politicians to meet with the FARC guerrilla group. The visit was made in support of the ongoing peace process. Click here to view the article. read more

(izq. a der.) J Santrich (FARC), R Granda (FARC), J Donaldson MP, M Kohon (Directora JFC), P Catatumbo (FARC), I Marquez (FARC), C McDevitt MLA, J McCallister MLA, M L Calarco, (FARC), C Murphy (MP) Políticos de Irlanda del Norte se reúnen con delegación de las FARC

Justice For Colombia News | on: Monday, 3 June 2013

POLÍTICOS DE IRLANDA DEL NORTE SE REÚNEN CON DELEGACIÓN DE LAS FARC LA HABANA, 2 DE JUNIO 2013 Justicia por Colombia (JFC), la ONG de Derechos humanos londinense, organizó este fin de semana la visita a La Habana, Cuba, de un grupo multipartidario de read more

(L-R) J Santrich (FARC), R Granda (FARC), Jeffrey Donaldson MP, M Kohon (JFC), P Catatumbo (FARC), I Marquez (FARC), Conall McDevitt MLA, John McCallister MLA, M L Calarca (FARC), Conor Murphy MP JFC Takes Northern Ireland Cross Party Politicans to Meet FARC

Justice For Colombia News | on: Sunday, 2 June 2013

POLITICIANS FROM NORTHERN IRELAND TRAVEL TO CUBA TO MEET THE FARC Havana, 2nd June 2013 Justice for Colombia (JFC), the London-based human rights NGO has this weekend facilitated a cross-party group of politicians from Northern Ireland to meet with leaders of the Colombian FARC guerrilla group in Havana, Cuba. The read more