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The Colombian regime continues to jail its critics, yet the British Government does not speak out. Send the e-postcard on the right to the Foreign Secretary asking him to ensure that Britain speaks out and pushes for the release of Colombia's political prisoners.

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Free Colombia's political prisoners

David Ravelo Crespo, Omar Alfonso Combita and The FENSUAGRO three

Dear Minister,

I am writing to ask you to urge the Colombian authorities to release Colombia’s political prisoners. In Colombia, people continue to be imprisoned as a result of their political activism. Although the Colombian government denies this, civil-society activists continue to be put in prison on false charges, often held for years without ever facing trial.

I have a particular interest in the cases of David Ravelo, Alexis Arroyo, Eulogio Galindo, Manuel Marquez, Omar Combita, Francisco Toloza and Huber Ballesteros. All of these men have been imprisoned as a result of their activism. I urge you to take the necessary steps to call for their immediate release.

I am sure that you agree that achieving peace in Colombia is a key priority and that an important element for the success of the current peace process is that Colombia demonstrates it is a democracy with the capacity to accept all political opinions. I urge you to emphasise to your Colombian partners that whilst political prisoners exist it is extremely difficult to say that this is the case.

I look forward to hearing of actions you have taken to address this matter.

Yours sincerely,
[Your Name]

Justice for Colombia