Petition for the Release of Omar Combita, teacher trade unionist, detained in ColombiaSign Petition by UK and Irish Teachers for the Release of Omar Combita, Colombian teacher trade unionist

Omar Combita, Colombian teacher and trade unionist was arrested on 2nd October 2011 and is currently detained in La Modelo Prison, Bogotá accused of “rebellion”. He is an active member of FECODE, the Colombian teachers’ trade union, held on dubious evidence, it appears he is being detained as a result of his trade union activity.

Teachers in the UK and Ireland are signing a petition for Omar’s release. PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME BELOW.

For more information on Omar’s case, click here.

Dear President Santos,

We, the undersigned, are writing to call for the release of our colleague Omar Alfonso Combita, Colombian teacher and trade unionist, accused of “rebellion” and imprisoned since 2nd October 2011, without being convicted of any crime.

Mr. Combita is a member of FECODE, the Colombian teacher’s union and an outspoken campaigner for trade union and human rights. The supposed evidence against him is highly dubious and he has been denied the right to due process. It appears he is being detained as a result of his trade union activity.

Mr. Combita is just one of hundreds of activists imprisoned in Colombia, among them trade unionists, human rights defenders and opposition leaders - his case is yet another example of severe and widespread persecution against the opposition. During the first two years of your administration, over 243 social activists were killed in Colombia, including 69 trade unionists, many of them by Colombian state forces.

We believe that those who speak out against the abuses, like Mr. Combita, are jailed in order to silence them.

The continued practice under your government of detaining critics belies claims to be committed to human rights. We urge you to turn your rhetoric into action, starting by ensuring the release of Mr. Combita, and others like him, without delay.

Yours sincerely,

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Barnypok, Barnypok
Joan Peralta, Escuelas Pías

JimmiXS, JimmiXS
Teresa Wright, Waiblingen Way

David Eatock, Unite NW389
Deirdre O'Reilly, retired teacher

Michael Salt, Unite the Union
Mark, Mark

Joe McGurk, Dumfries & Galloway Council
varlog, varlog

Neil Spencer, East Midlands Ambulance Service Unison Branc
Liesbeth, Individual

Maureen Hackett, St Bernard's High School
Marie Hagensen, Institute of School & Learning

luidji, luidji
daniel rené villermet, diverses

john boreham, unison- trade union member

horny, horny
john, john

Eva Daniher, Civil & Public Service Union
Michael Wilmott, acton high school

Myriam Torres, New Mexico State University
Andrew O'Halloran, Annan Academy

horny, horny
Richard Hawkins, retired

Denis Hawkins, retired
Mike, Mike

Robert Morgan, Unite the Union
Hugh Gash, St Patrick's College, Dublin City University

Hannah Pettifer, The Sixth Form College Farnborough
John Temple, Retired teacher

Melody Baxter, The Sixth Form College Farnborough
tony netherclift, st paul's catholic school

Michelle Codrington-Rogers, The Cherwell School
Carly Doyle, National Union of Teachers

G Oldfield, St. Peter's Catholic School
D. Mulvey, Broadoak

Claire Ward, Blackburn with Barwen
Ken Newitt, Retired

Anne Robinson, Hathershaw College
Sharon Winstone, St. Gabriels RC Primary School

Kate Morgan, Cardinal Newman High School
Alex Ley, St Edmund, Arrowsmith cfl

Rose Ley, St Edmund, Arrowsmith cfl
Carl Wilkinson, Lone

Andy Collins, St Bedes High School
Mike Meateer, Childwalk Acadium

G.Shackley, NASUWT
W.James, Manor High School

Don Grant, St.James' Church Of England School
T.Westcott, Jubilee

C.Palmer, Dulder Hill Community School
Jon Schofield, Whitefield Primary School, L62HZ

Matthew Russell, Cardinal Nolman Catholic High
Mike Wilkinson, St.Judes Catholic Primary School

Matthew Russell, Cardinal Nolman Catholic High
Alan Holloway, RE7

Catherine Myerscough, Hathershaw College
Steven Johnson, Witton Park High School

Charlotte Metters, NASUWT
Phillip Davis, NASUWT

David White, NASUWT
Rachael Jeffers, NASUWT

Eathin, NASUWT
Karen Hopwood, NASUWT

Jean Mercer, NASUWT

Andrew Curtis, NASUWT
Chris Clissold, NASUWT

Harry Spooner, NASUWT
Sima Davies, NASUWT

Jeanette Brierley, NASUWT
Gail Shackley, NASUWT

Claire Ward, NASUWT
Diana Harkness, Retired teacher

Janey Hulme, National Union of Teachers
David Cornwall, Cumbria Fed NASUWT

Peter Ellis, Whitehaven NASUWT
Brian Pearson, Caldew School

Chris Hale, NASUWT

D. Martin, NASUWT
Paul Cox, NASUWT

J Heyood, Dondales School
F.B. McManus, NASUWT

Malcolm Kane, NASUWT
P. Revell, Lakes School

B. Little, St. Benedict's, Whitehaven
K. Caryee, Dallam School

K. Brocklebank, Millem School
John Heneghan, Newman Catholic School

Peter Sunter, Carlisle NASUWT
Joe Langley, Salford NASUWT

Angela Fairbes, Holy Cross Primary
Emilia Liskova, Barton Moss Primary School

Margaret Abbott, St. Georges RC High
Sharon Cooke, St. Ambrose High School

Emma Danton, Swinton High School
Rachel Hurley, Swinton High School

Julie Rawlinson-Smith, .
Jane Borthen, NUT

Paul Quinn, JCOSS
Chris Welch, Dinnington Comprehensive School

viktoria nealis, Tufnell Park School
Declan Bennington, Capita

Chris Jones, Tytherington High School
BERNARD CHARLES PRITCHARD, Marriotts & Lonsdale School

Carole Ferguson, retired teacher
Patrick McLaughlin, Abbey school

Jacki Harrington, Garstang Community Academy

Sam perry, Ethelbert road primary school
Claire Hanlon, Nonsuch High School

Valerie hosker, Allerton high
Frances Alexander, Gwyn Jones Primary School

davina lambie, nhs
Fiona Maloney, Weald Infant School

Maritza Agudelo, Primary School
Clare Viner, Lakers School

Pauline Volk, Halsnead Community Primary School
Wendy Kachmarski, Kirklees MC

Peter Rawlinson, retired teacher
Anne Ewbank, Retired

Ruth Stevenson, High Storrs School
Tony Foody, Keswick School

Katia Palmisano, City of Portsmouth Girls' School
Stella Chapman, NUT (retired)

Peter Dalby, Retired
Simon Robinson, Simon Robinson

lucy mackay, cononley
Layla Dowie, West Kirby Grammar School

Jamie Johnson, retired
Luke Samuels, Chaddesden Park Primary

Carol Schofield, Oldham Sixth Form College
Mary O'Hanlon, St. Nicholas School

James Barber, The Sir Bernard Lovell School
Hilary Jenkins-Baldock, Chatham Grammar School for Girls

Robert Barratt, Plymouth NUT
Paul Lambert, Globe academy

Jill Rawlinson, teacher
Margaret Dench, retired

Jayne Hardy, Tenterfields Primary School
Neil Procter, Sir Frederic Osborn School

Jayne Hibbert, Retired
Gemma moffatt, Bath spa university

Anne-Marie Hickling, Benthal School
Ellie Yucel, NUT

Clive Beere, Supply
Harriet Ntorinkansah, Langbourne primary school

Lisa Munro, Fernhill School
Heather McKenzie, NUT

Thomas Greenwood, NASUWT
samidha garg, NUT

Martin Lynch, Dudley National Union Teachers
Fareham and Gosport N.U.T., Fareham and Gosport National Union of Teachers

John Walder, Kent Division NUT
Andy Woolley, NUT

Peter Smith [Secretary], Newham Teachers'Association NUT
Nadine Mincoff, Sacred Heart Catholic School

Dawn Taylor, Cheadle Hulme High School
Gary Kaye, King James's School

Susi Artis, Fernwood Infants
Ken Smith, ATL

Alex Heylin, ATL
L Salisbury, ATL

Eddie Fleming, G.M.B.
Doreen Stenner, ATL

Jacqueline, ATL
Nansi Ellis, ATL

Helen DuMont, Rugby High School
Nichola Munro, Edge Hill University

Bernadette Babayigit, ATL
Mary Bousted, ATL

Christine Blower, NUT
Patrick Roach, NASUWT

Lorraine Tillett, NUT (retired)
M. Brady, East London NUT

Jo Hammond, Lambeth NUT
Una Doyle, Camden NUT

R. Rieser, Hackney NUT
Sarah Beer, NUT

Beth Link, NUT
Lizzie Feneck, NUT

Sheila McGregor, NUT
Anna, NUT

G. Akpeneye, Education Consultant
A. Valeriano, NUT

Melissa Hind, NUT
D Thompson, NUT

Ruth Levy, NUT
Max Hyde, NUT

Rupee Singh, NUT
Jane Bassett, Hackney NUT

Patricia Alexander, Former Teacher
Abdullah Muhsin, NASUWT

Jeni Hunneyball, UNISON
David, Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine Kenmare

Niamh Crowley, Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine Kenmare
Rachel Hickey, Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine Kenmare

Sinead Connolly, Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine Kenmare
Richard O'Sullivan, Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine Kenmare

Alex, Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine Kenmare
Christina Moriarty, Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine Kenmare

Neilie O Sullivan, Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine Kenmare
Evan Reidy, Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine Kenmare

Ann Piggott, Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine
mickdowling, SIPTU

Fiona Dunne, ICTU
P Lorriman, Grange technology college

Holly Smith, Institute of Education
Beatrice Smyth, Queen's University Belfast

Suzanne Veitch, Forest School

Doug Morgan, Birmingham NUT
Stephen Dart, Peterborough LA

Rosie Budd, Ash Field Academy
Denise Taylor, NASUWT

Dr Matthew Gobey, Manchester metropolitan University
Josephine Moss, NUT

Peter Warren, Retired
Elaine Ellen, Open University

Keith Bradbury, Retired Teacher
Mandy Schofield, University of Chester

Miss Annabelle Curran, St. Gregory's Catholic Primary
Jennifer Bhambri-Lyte, Herons' Moor Academy

Colin Crane, Retired teacher
Tom Duffy, NUT Woodfield School, Coventry

Pietro Di Petta, Elthorne Park High School
Kevin Hannavy, Christ's Hospital

sonja watsham, retired
Penny Foskett, Retired

Seema McArdle, Sussex Teachers
Claire Copperman, The Blue School

Patrick Montague, Lancaster University
Alina Congreve, University of Hertfordshire

John Brooke, University of Manchester
Richard Carabine, Birkbeck College

Angie Birtill, South Thames College
Rachel Doyle, Manchester University

Kirsten Daly, University Gloucestershire
Lysandra Marshall, University of the West of England

sareen galbraith, university of liverpool
Claire Allam, University of Sheffield

Martin Purcell, University of Manchester
Dr Gursewak Aulakh, Architecture Design and Environment, Plymouth University

Ben Fulford, University of Chester
Paul Perigoe, Westminster Kingsway College

Rebecca Jones, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Nikolas Barrall, Writtle College

Dr Paul Sinfield, University of Leicester
Pete Girling, Univerrsity of Cambridge

Annie Shaw, UWE, Bristol, UK
Sarah Lees, Coleg Sir gar

Sue Chubb, UCU
Jenny McNulty, Retired Lecturer in Art and Design WEAS

Jo Guiver, University of Central Lancashire
Dr Philip O'Keeffe, School of Education

Michael Marten, University of Stirling
Nadine Johnson, University of Southampton

carol buckle, retired member
Jason Blean, Glasgow University

emeritus Professor Russ Bowman, Loughborough University
Martin Coslett, BCA

Richard Le Corney, Central College Nottingham
Dr Gyozo Molnar, Worcester University

Hilary Thomas, Lancaster University
Barry Ewart, UCU Leeds University

Mark Hanna, Uni of Derby
Dr Mark Bould, UWE

William Orr, South and City College Birmingham
Zahid Sharif, Manchester Metropolitan University

Maria Hughes, Queens University Belfast
Penny Robinson, University of Leeds

Julie Gillam, Open University
David Margolie, Goldsmiths College

Andrew Drummond, Lancaster University
Bridget Fowler, University of Glasgow

Dr Claudia Wulff, University of Surrey
Liam Kennedy, Queen's University Belfast

Anthony Mc Donald, City College Coventry
Harry Noyes, University of Liverpool

Dr Douglas Reid, University of Hull
Caroline Shelton, Workers Education Association

James Coakes, University of Westminster
Anne Brown, Northern College

Dirk Brandherm, Queen's University Belfast
catherine holden, bradford college

Christopher West, University of Liverpool
Bella adams, LJMU

Bente Foereid, University of abertay Dundee
Rachel Stubley, University of Wales, Newport

Benedetta Dini, UKMO
Federica Pacifico, University of Exeter

Mark Shotter, Confetti Institute
richard pfeiffer, Barnet college

Paul Davenport, University of Wolverhampton
Matthew Evans, University of York

Joe Barton, School of English, Newcastle University
Alison Leslie, University of Leeds

Dr Richard Chamberlain, University of Northampton
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Helen Peters, retired member
Martin Gough, University of Kent

Carol Kinahan, South Thames College
Mark Leader, Sheffield Hallam University

Stephen O'Sullivan, Loughborough University
Chris Simpson, University of St Mark and St John

Marc Gibson, Loughborugh University
Richard Young, Newcastle University

Dominique Paul, University of Bristol
Jeff Waistell, Open University

Deniz Baker, Glyndwr University
Andrew Dunn, University of Leicester

Louise, UCL Interaction Centre
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Mary Senior, University and College Union
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Michael Blaney, University College Cork, Ireland
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Dr D A C McNeil, Retired lecturer, Leicester College
Ben Rowlands, University of Bristol

Marion Sporing, University of Dundee
Patrick Benjamin, Freelance Media Dude

Ged Travers, Unite
David Cromwell, Media Lens

Dr Charalampos Tsoumpas, King's College London
Mehdi Husaini, Teesside University

Ray Power, Aston University
Sarah Christian, Morley College

Noel Connor, Retired member
Patricia Mason, Community Learning

Brian Thirtle, Retired
Jane Heath, Leeds Metropolitan University

Peter Williams, Leeds Metropolitan University
Sarah Campbell, Newcastle University

Malcolm Farrow, Newcastle University
Helen Backhouse, Harrow College

Michael Tynen, Retired member
John Perry, Cornwall College

Geoffrey Smith, Manchester College
Professor Paul Ward, University of Huddersfield

Samuel Michael Illingworth, University of Manchester
Nikos Karfakis, University of Leicester

Christopher J. Knüsel, University of Exeter
Andy Young, Sheffield Hallam University

Dr. Susan Blackwell, Language Consultancy Desk
Dr Mathias Urban, University of East London

Julian Goodare, University of Edinburgh
Ian Crosson, Tower Hamlets College

Liz Elmhirst, Putney School of Art and design.
Luke Walker, University of Sussex

John Faulkner, SOAS, University of London
Gabriela Saldanha, University of Birmingham

Dr Graeme Kirkpatrick, University of Manchester
Valerie Brossier, University of Hertfordshire

Dale Woolley, South and City College Birmingham
billie Loebner, Tower Hamlets College

Colwyn Jones, University of the West of England
Alistair Clark, University of the West of England

Steven Thompson, Harehills Primary School
Peter McLoughlin, NASUWT

Geoffrey Hardman, Hanham High School
Marion James, Supply

Eva Margaret Daniher, CPSU - Civil & Public Service Union
David Murray, CPSU Global Solidarity Committee

Mairead Cairbre, Dunbrody Textile Academy
lathy wallis, cornwall council

Graham Cluer, Westwood Girls College
Mick Burrows, Supply teacher

John Girdley, Morecambe High

Joseph York, University of the West of England